Moraga Vineyards



Scattered throughout the rolling hills of Lamorinda, the vineyards of the Lamorinda Winegrowers’ Association dot the rolling countryside as reminders to the area’s rich winegrowing past.


Some 125 years ago, what is considered the first vineyard in the area was planted on the Trelut Ranch at the end of Bolinger Canyon Road.  Local history written about the area at the time states that the Trelut Vineyard “produced wine on a comparatively large scale”.  Nearby, at St. Mary’s College of California, the Christian Brothers were encouraged to produce alter wine, even during Prohibition, and the hills behind the College were covered in lush vineyards.


Today, the Lamorinda Winegrowers’ Association, which was founded in 2005 as a 501(3) c non-profit organization, enthusiastically embraces winemaking tradition, but with a modern day twist of featuring its members’ backyard vineyards.  With some 100 members with family vineyards and 21,000 vines in Moraga, Lafayette and Orinda, the Association promotes on-going education and support for its members and the community as a winegrowing region.



Lamorinda Winegrowers” Association Purpose


The specific purpose of the Lamorinda Winegrowers’ Association is to provide:

  • On-going education and support for its members in the areas of vineyard maintenance and management, and winemaking;
  • Foster communication and the exchange of information among its members;
  • Encourage sustainable practices, resulting in the production of high quality grapes and wine in environmentally-friendly and socially responsible fashion;
  • Promote the Lamorinda community and its status as a winegrowing region
  • Enhancing the marketability of Lamorinda-grown grapes and Lamorinda-made wine;
  • Cultivate a strong relationship with the local community