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Welcome to the Moraga Chamber of Commerce!

The Moraga Chamber of Commerce (MCOC) is run solely by non-paid volunteers from the Moraga business community with the common goal of helping our town grow wisely. Our aim is to carefully consider the needs of families, educational organizations, businesses and town government.

Our Mission Statement:
To facilitate and promote development of a sound buisness and community group environment in the Town of Moraga.

 Our Mailing Address is:
1480 Moraga Road, Suite I  # 254
Moraga, CA 94556

Our Physical Address is:2100 Donald Drive  Moraga

open Mondays (excluding holidays) 8am to noon

Any member of our Board of Directors would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Download a copy of our Bylaws. 






Here is just a partial list of what your Chamber provides to both its members and to the health of the Town of Moraga:

1) Marketing Support. Marketing, with an emphasis on Community Marketing, is key to a successful business environment in Moraga.  Because of this, the Chamber has put resources toward a diversified marketing program.  Click on this link to view the specific programs the Chamber sponsors and or offers to its membership.

2) Monthly Meetings. These meetings often provide speakers who are experts to aid you in making your businesses more efficient. Recent examples exposed the members to Constant Contact, an email management company, John Harper who gave us ways to promote our website, David Gill, a professor of business at St. Mary’s who taught us about the ethics of business, Grant Stubblefield who educated us on community oriented marketing, Mike Segrest discussed his role as Town Manager.

3) Community Connections. Monthly meetings often provide presenters who educate us about what is going on in the community. Examples are visits by our town manager, town planning director, town recreation director, town mayor and other council members, the liaison with EBMUD, liaisons from St. Mary’s College.

4) Networking Opportunities. General morning meetings provide you with the opportunity to network with your fellow business people and with the town management. Mixers, usually in the evening, provide the opportunity to network and to show off your business location. For example, St. Mary’s College hosted us at two different locations, as has an office condo complex on Moraga Road. Other mixer hosts have been the Moraga Country Club and Aegis. Two tri-chamber mixers have been held with networking opportunities with the Orinda and Lafayette Chamber members.

5) This website provides your customers with a direct link to you with information and links. As a member, you are highlighted on the site. You can also place a description of your business, as well as promotions and advertisements (additional cost) to promote your business, available soon. This website can help visitors and potential customers find you. Your dues support this effort.

6) This is an information packed website that both you and your customers can use. The site has been updated and modernized. Your dues support this effort.

7) Farmers Market. The establishment of this Sunday market is the direct result of Chamber work.

8) Moraga Community Faire. This annual May event is the largest the Chamber sponsors. Its purpose is to introduce and showcase the businesses and professional services that exist right here in Moraga. Launched in 2007, the faire has drawn increasingly larger crowds from a wide geographical radius. In its 4th year, 2010, an estimated attendance of 3000 visitors came from all over the county and beyond. Beginning with 37 merchants and artists in 2007, 2010 saw the total grow to 84 different businesses, community-based service organizations, and artists set up in booths in the Rheem Shopping Center. The Faire has had excellent financial sponsorship from both corporate and private businesses in Moraga. To create a family-friendly atmosphere, there are great activities for kids, and for adults, wine tasting, bands, a classic car show, and hot food and ice cream from Moraga's restaurants. This event designed to aid in the recognition of the Moraga business community has achieved its goal. This wonderful annual event provides a showcase for you to present your products and services to the community at large.

9)Chamber Directory. This published directory was sent to all the Moraga homeowners in 2008 and provided them with an easy way to find Chamber members. A new for 2010 directory will be printed distributed in September.

10) Restaurant Brochure. This colorful tri-fold piece will be available for distribution soon. It will also be posted on our website for download by St. Mary’s students, faculty, employees, parents and others.

11) Booth set-ups. Pear Festival, the 4th of July event and the St. Mary’s Welcome to the new incoming freshmen all promote shopping Moraga first.

12) Partnerships. Partnerships with various community-based entities. We have now established firm relationships with the Junior Women’s Club, the Moraga Educational Foundation and St. Mary’s College. There is evidence that these memberships have shifted their thinking and habits to shop in Moraga first; these Moraga residents have demonstrated their understanding between their shopping habits and the business community’s ability to, in turn, support them. This support did not exist prior to the establishment of these relationships by your Chamber.

13) Marketing Study. St. Mary’s Professor Mary Coe will lead a 30-student marketing research project in January 2011. The information will tell us what St. Mary’s wants from our business community and what the business community can do to attract business from the students, faculty and employees of St. Mary’s College (potential customers: 4500 St. Mary’s college + 200,000 annual visitors to the campus).

14) Monetary Donations. We’ve given financial support to 2 important community support efforts: the Moraga Educational Foundation and the 4th of July fireworks.

15) Dedicated and committed volunteers see that your Chamber operates in a manner that you, the members, direct. Please step up and participate to make our Chamber an even stronger business health advocate.

Your Moraga Chamber of Commerce is a valuable asset for you and your business interests. Please keep your membership up to date.